So, how should you deploy and run your employee suggestion programme? It is entirely up to you, depending on what you are looking to achieve and your business environment.

I’ve developed a case-study below which should guide you as to how to set up your suggestion box programme in your business, using Ideabase. Ideabase: anonymous online suggestion box enables you to run up to five suggestion boxes concurrently, depending on which pricing plan you choose and enables you to receive unlimited suggestions from your employees.

Case Study 1: Example Online Suggestion Progamme Strategy for Small-Medium Size Business

Situation: For example, let’s say you are a small to medium size business of say, 100 people. You find it hard to attract new hires to key areas of the business and turnover is higher than you would like it to be. Sickness levels seem to be higher than average and there’s a bad mood around the office on Monday mornings. Client satisfaction is OK, but you would like it to be better, and you are struggling to close new business leads.

Suggestion Box Strategy. I’d recommend 5 suggestion boxes in the following areas to help find solutions to your specific business challenges.

Online Suggestion Box 1: Attracting New Staff. We would like suggestions as to how to make the business more attractive to new hires, and any areas where we might find new hires that we haven’t already considered. It doesn’t matter how crazy, controversial or wacky your idea sounds to you, it could sound great to us. Just say it, it’s anonymous and it won’t be judged.

Online Suggestion Box 2: Retaining Staff. Tell us why you think our staff turnover is so high. What changes can be made in the business that will boost staff retention? Do you have any ideas or suggestions to encourage staff to stay?  It doesn’t matter how crazy, controversial or wacky your idea sounds to you, it could sound great to us! Just say it, it’s anonymous and it won’t be judged.

Online Suggestion Box 3: Monday Morning Blues. We want to make Monday mornings great and give staff a great start to the week. Do you have any ideas or suggestions to get rid of Monday Morning Blues? Don’t hold back, wacky ideas are welcome but so are simple ones as we may have overlooked the obvious. Remember, your suggestions are anonymous and won’t be judged.

Online Suggestion Box 4: Health and Wellbeing. We’ve noticed that people are getting sick a lot. Do you have any ideas or suggestions that will boost the health and well-being of our staff? Have you seen well-being initiatives that happen at other business which you think could be deployed at our company? Once again, even if you think your idea is controversial or crazy, please submit it as you won’t be judged because it’s entirely anonymous. Even if you think your suggestion is obvious please submit it, because although it might be self-evident for you, it may be a Eureka moment for us.

Online Suggestion Box 5: New Business. As you may have noticed, we have been struggling to hit our new business targets over the last six months. Sales from existing customers are strong so there is no panic, but the situation is not sustainable. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for how we can increase our new business sales? Don’t hold back, as sales is a highly competitive area and the wackiest ideas are likely to be well-received, or at the very least, they’ll give us a chuckle. You won’t be judged, it’s completely anonymous.

Pitching, Marketing and Running Your Suggestion Box Programme

To get the most out of your suggestion box programme, I’d recommend launching it and marketing it in the same way you would with any company initiative. Of course, make sure you emphasize that the online suggestion box is completely anonymous and non-judgemental. Put an emphasis on staff being innovative, experimental, creative or just downright wacky with their suggestions. The more relaxed people are about it and the more that is associated with fun, the less guarded that staff will be with their suggestions. Place a link to it on your intranet and remind staff of the online suggestion box on a regular basis but do it in an organic rather than forced way so it doesn’t sound to pressurizing as this can once again, remove the fund. Integrate it into your existing communication processes so that it feels like a natural part of your business and it will seem more welcoming. Ideal opportunities to mention your online suggestion box programme are during team meetings, company updates, staff memos, etc…

Finally, it’s important that the company regularly acknowledges and highlights some of the best, worst and interesting ideas in a fun and light-hearted way. If any ideas get’s put into action, and/or leads to a business improvement this should be publicly applauded and recognized. This will demonstrate the value of your employee suggestion programme and will generate a virtuous positive feedback, generating more ideas and more solutions. This will help to ensure that your business is constantly innovating in all areas, giving your business the edge on the competition.

Implemented well, an anonymous online employee suggestion programme should provide a wealth of turn-key and more out-of-the-box solutions to solve even your most challenging problems.

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