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About Ideabase

Ideabase is a simple, free, cloud-based, anonymous suggestion box that enables you to gather candid feedback from colleagues, clients, friends, and co-workers, due to the fact that feedback can be given anonymously.

Ideabase is a creation of the team at It gives organisations a way to listen to and harness the power of their most valuable resource, their people. The ability to use Ideabase as an anonymous, on-line suggestion box can enable you to get candid feedback that you might not get otherwise.

Use Ideabase to find out what is behind your organisation's low morale among staff, client retention issues, or user disengagement. Or use it to gather candid feedback on a potential new initiative or potential new product feature.

Ideabase pays for itself. Staff suggestions have saved costs or created huge revenues for firms. The 'Post It' Note & 'Amazon Prime' were both staff suggestions.

Kazim Ladimeji MCIPD, Founder, Ideabase, + 44 7969 435 317