In the age of online apps and business at the speed of light, the idea of a wooden suggestion box in a dark corner of the office might seem out-dated. You are right, the modern digital generation hasn’t got time for paper and is now wired, and online communicating their opinions and ideas through social media, blog comments sections and emails.

While the physical suggestion box is rendered redundant, the online, anonymous suggestions box has a huge role to play in boosting business innovation and staff engagement in your business. Here are three benefits of deploying an online suggestions box programme in your small business.

1. Online Suggestion box ideas can save the business money.

BA’s suggestion box that was launched to reduce emissions and fuel,  spawned a fascinating suggestion which was to descale it’s toilet pipes to reduce weight. This led to them reducing fuel costs by £600,000 a year.

2.Online Suggestion box ideas can deliver incremental sales.

Amazon Prime, (which increased a customer’s average purchase by 150%), was another suggestion box idea.

3.Online Suggestion box ideas can inspire innovative and game-changing products.

For example, the Post It Note, one of 3Ms flagship products was an idea that originally came from their suggestion box.

4. Suggestion boxes boost staff engagement too…

Suggestion boxes can also increase staff engagement too. Don’t shoot in the dark, or guess when trying to launch new staff initiatives or strategies, and don’t rely solely on third-party research as to what employees want and respond too. Find out for yourself, using a cloud-based online suggestion box that employees can use to access and provide ideas and suggestions to the business. This will give your employees a voice and enable you to source great ideas to improve staff engagement from your own employees.

Anonymity Will Boost the Quality and Quantity of Suggestions

Research shows that employees may be anxious about putting ideas forward, for fear of ridicule or recrimination if the suggestion is controversial. Most employees are apprehensive about making suggestions about the work-place or working conditions as they are concerned they will be seen as a moaner or worse still trouble-maker.

Without the ability to submit suggestions anonymously the most experimental, controversial and outrageous sounding ideas — which often prove to have great innovation potential — will never be submitted to the box.

That’s why we recommend that for best results you deploy an anonymous cloud-based suggestion box like ideabase to maximize the quantity and quality of your suggestions. Try out Ideabase today.